sweet surrender 

The slow burns are the best of them all. The exquisite delay. The drawn-out exploration. Building and securing. Taking pleasure in the journey. Seeking, and delight in discovery. These are the ones worth waiting for. 

Swinging chandeliers and lightning bolts are easy. We are conditioned to search them out, to look for them everywhere. To expect them. Instant and consumable. But they are fickle. The potency is depleted, the strike scars.

Slow burns, the deepening connections, they transform us, inspire us. They support hopes and create lasting moments, easy motion and tenderness. They evolve and flex with need. Can heal hearts, or bind us writhing to the bed. A beautiful privilege allowing us to oscillate between playfulness and intense passion. The offering of a joined wisdom, of a future.
This is what we should give ourselves to. They take time. Effort. Respect. They’re the ones that deserve patience and commitment to begin. Upon these, partnerships are made. There is nothing wrong with contentedness. It is a gift. It is peaceful and without drama. It is robust and knowing. It does not absorb energy – it creates. It fuels soft smiles and companionship. From this place the thrill will always ignite, feed the furnace. The embers are always alight. Turn them over, gently, and you have a warmth that makes a home. A safe-place. To grow and nurture. To offer and receive. To cherish. Let those sparks flare and intimacy becomes spell-binding. Powerful.
Wait for that. Dream of that. Save yourself with that.

 fire morning