It often is important
To respect from whence you came.
But better that you know,
When it’s time not to remain.
When it’s time to hit the road Jack
And get a wriggle on.
Cos while you love your people dear,
The urge to fly is strong.

Great seas full of adventure
And skies to cast your dreams.
So many laughing faces,
To share the nomads’ theme.
And out there in the world
Are hopes and gifted gems
To taste and to dissolve in
Beyond the focus of a lens.



with lime and sunshine

Latin beats. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t keep still. No matter where I am, no matter my mood, my state of sober, the company or lack thereof. There’s nothing I can do. It taps into my soul. It makes my nerves fizz, my muscles move. Even as I am sitting here, in this chair, solo, in a nightclub. Watching young couples partner off, find a rhythm, connect, contract, swing wide. It is hip-swaying and joyful. It is an unfurling and the taste of freedom. Uninhibited, sensual. It is at once wisdom of generations and an expression of youthful hope. A frenzy, a focused movement. A step away, a coming together. It never ceases to make me smile, to make me relax, to create a desire to let go; growing small tidy steps into sweeping motion.
This is where hearts heal. In the grounding, in the crawling over a dance floor, in the evolution. Up on to toes, back down into release.

Written at 3am, in a bar.