hot coffee

I thought of you today dear heart,
And wondered at the pain.
As I stared across the cobbled streets,
All slick with misty rain.
Was staring from a window,
Smudged-out people blurring by.
Hands warming on my coffee,
Hiding from a winter sky.
Eyes caught you in the melee
A blue calmness in the crowd.
Jolted at your presence,
Strangled whimper sighed out loud.
You sauntered through my reverie,
Passed within an easy reach.
Am hit with fresh reminders
Of the lessons that you teach.
Of the learning that you gifted
With such generous aplomb.
And helped to turn my life into
Some cliché-strewn sitcom.

And the noise around me swells
With the busy lunchtime surge.
Every thing in slow-mo
Each conversation starts to merge.
You still have my attention
As you cross the shiny street.
I  will myself to turn from you
But cannot move my feet.
Your stride is strong and confident
Without sign of hesitation.
And must concede it yet torments
I still await your explanation.
The window framing your betrayal
Begins to mist again.
So I raise my cup in toast to love,
As you retreat down Memory Lane.