acid reign

You know when you have one of those crystalising moments? When everything else around you is in flux; flotsam and jetsam floating in your space, mixed with the important and precious and fragile. Creating low-fi noise and distracting static. And you valiantly welcome the detritus that throws itself at your head, barely missing your heart. But in a small, stalled, glimpse through time, you are gifted a learning that puts pause to everything. All the mess and overgrown paths and closed doors segue away. You are certain. A punch-in-the-stomach conviction. Like a message has fought it’s way through the hubbub and melee and confusion. A knowledge formed and made real in an instant.

It builds instinctively. Like a perfect wave. And as powerful. Filled with joy and fear and momentum – you are transfixed by the beauty of it. The energy, the strength. You collect an image, to keep it safe. Blue-print the feeling. Preserve the wisdom.

And in the knowing, comes the release.


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