“Oh, take a turn with me
Good Sir 
Around the misty lake.
Hold my hand and lead 
Me where 
Ever you may take. 
Pay me heed, incline your head 
At all my non-sense.
Pace me slow and bring 
Me close 
To heighten my suspense.
Promise me a sailboat ride
Or maybe 
Just an evening stroll. 
And I shall smile at your
Even while I count it’s toll. 
One day in Summer, you decry
A picnic
Or walk the dunes?
A concert in the park, 
One afternoon
With all our favourite tunes!
You craft a charming promise
Woven well,
Seducing with your eyes. 
But I have been here so before
Already know your lies. 
So take my hand and walk
With me,
Around this pretty pond.
Shower me with kindness
Dear heart 
Feign that I’ve been conned.
Make it feel sincere 
True love, 
Like a line you have believed. 
Then part your way again, 
Too soon
– We’ll pretend you’re not relieved.”

Misty lake



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