I know you
The outline of you glimmers bright
Violent and electric.
It shimmers with life and movement,
The inattention of a distracted eye
A need to be in motion.
The inner cavern
I know less well.
It is murky and messy and toxic
It is tired and wise and ancient old.
With echoes
That pull you everywhere and all over.
A feigned callousness,
You play games and mock
Link arms with hedonism
Tap-up adrenaline.
That glowing grin
A bold challenge to entice,
The Lorelei before rocks.
And I know the you
In tall denims and quick wit.
And I see the you
In dark heart and deep places.
– I am mesmerised by both.
For there, in the essence
Is the soul of a man I do not disregard with ease.
It holds a forgotten rage
It is fire and brimstone and shifting landscapes
It gifts a casual embrace
It is an easy saunter and contagious laugh.
And further, and hidden
A strong and brave man
Who fears and loves and hopes
Like every one of us mere mortals.



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