Let me just explain…. This is tongue-in-cheek. I am still missing the guy of course. So a funny, sarky, ditty.  It took me two minutes to write. But It’s made me smile today. The last vestiges, the getting it out of my system. Lots of wonderful adventures, fun, and the kindest  people, are helping with the healing. So it’s all good.

“Here for a good time, not a long time” as they say.

Oi, oi… I had just about forgot
Your beautiful silly face
And managed to reverse my heart
At quite a swift old pace.

Packed up those stupid trinkets
While smiling all the time
As I was also drinking
The last of your cheap wine.

 I’m enjoying lovely company
With guys who like me heaps
And some of them so much
They think that I’m for keeps.

Some of them are crazy
But with longer attention spans
And though they have full lives
Want to include me in their plans.

They treat me like I’m precious
And the sex is bloody great
It gets a little dark
Making you look pretty straight.

And then I reached into
The corner of my bag,
I found those damned gig tickets
And resolve did start to flag.

I thought I’d get the gift
Of joining you for Floyd
And now I’m feeling foolish
Which I was hoping to avoid.

But I’m sitting in the venue
The seat beside me bare
Least I’m here with no one
Than with you who didn’t care.

And in the dark I’m hiding
‘Cause I know the songs to come
I’ll be crying in my popcorn
Trying not to be so dumb.

But then the music starts
And I wish I never fell;
I realise when I met you
I should have Run Like Hell.

The Wall


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