Faith does keep me warm at night
And Hope will lay beside me
Promise is a room next door
With Trust the light that guides me.

They each await me every night
Silent in their vigil
Offering sweet wisdoms with
Their jasmine scented ritual.

I hear them murmur lovely thoughts
And grant me new adventures
They wish me safe along the path
With not a word of censure.

They give me strength to know my soul
And send their loving guidance
Which helps for me to keep my head
And treat my heart with kindness.

Though we rarely save ourselves
For just one Kindred’s kiss
Small gifts of love along the way
Reminds us what we miss.

There is no ache for something lost
For we are not quite met
No sadness found in time alone
Our script not written yet.

But when we lift our searching eyes
Across that crowded room
Finally these lives of ours
Will be in fullest bloom.

So I am keen about my day
With every eager plan
Filled with blessed abundance
While waiting for my man.