lemon scented

So, I am not a big advocate for the questionable ‘follow your gut’ – too many ulcers and the inability to eat before 10am cause me to distrust this little life motto. But in a quick online search, found it very difficult to find anything to substantiate my gut feeling that gut feelings are not to be relied upon.

Lots of mumbo-jumbo about following your instincts and listening to your gut (seriously? mine would be an eardrum-blowing richter scale rumbling 6 if you got your head down toward my belly at this precise moment)… and none of it particularly robust or sciencey sounding.

But that there is such a lacking of representation in the opposition’s field is just plain weird. I could’ve sworn that there would be more information defining, assessing, analysing, and data-outputting all the experiments, studies, anecdotal summaries, and clinical observations. Surely some medics, psyches, or geeks would have bitten down on this subject and not let go like a rabid terrier, ’til shaken to death so that only sense and efficacy were all that was left of its cooling corpse.

Anyhoo. These.





But yeah, so no. Don’t follow your gut. OK? Excellent.


One thought on “lemon scented

  1. It’s there Spratty right down at the base, instinctual level a primal Spratty exists she makes decisions and offers advice all the time I don’t know how often she is heard or listened to but she is ever evolving just like mommy spratt.

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