lemon scented

So, I am not a big advocate for the questionable ‘follow your gut’ – too many ulcers and the inability to eat before 10am cause me to distrust this little life motto. But in a quick online search, found it very difficult to find anything to substantiate my gut feeling that gut feelings are not to be relied upon.

Lots of mumbo-jumbo about following your instincts and listening to your gut (seriously? mine would be an eardrum-blowing richter scale rumbling 6 if you got your head down toward my belly at this precise moment)… and none of it particularly robust or sciencey sounding.

But that there is such a lacking of representation in the opposition’s field is just plain weird. I could’ve sworn that there would be more information defining, assessing, analysing, and data-outputting all the experiments, studies, anecdotal summaries, and clinical observations. Surely some medics, psyches, or geeks would have bitten down on this subject and not let go like a rabid terrier, ’til shaken to death so that only sense and efficacy were all that was left of its cooling corpse.

Anyhoo. These.





But yeah, so no. Don’t follow your gut. OK? Excellent.


the journey

To ask yourself whilst on the journey, is this my place to judge. For it is with me every day and in the holding it so close I only cause myself pain. If compassion can heal the wounded ego, There, I let this go. And I will travel lighter. I am not to be the sole juror here today. I shall acknowledge the compass in my pocket, And keep along my path.
 945666_10151339573868414_222855743_nPhoto: Sherrington, 2014

Above it all the voice said be peaceful. Be still. They who move in front are moving too fast. They laugh too loud with open-mouthed, hacking spite, and slap each other’s back. Hard. There is congratulations and the slamming of pint glasses. With evening sunlit posturing, each gaining more volume than the last. And above it all the voice said be patient. Have faith. Those who select that path speed toward a destiny. They sit in shiny cars and buy vast desks for home offices. Sending emails and scoring points. Playing chess with lives. And above it all the voice said be strong. Be hopeful. Those around you are small and breathe stagnant air. It scours their lungs. And burns hearts. The dimness of their souls makes them fearful. And fall over in the dark. Hesitate at borders. And above it all the voice said be learned. Be aware. For those who speak of knowledge have not yet earned wisdom. They have glanced at life. Limited by their disconnected disinterest. Though maintain their righteous opinion.  And above it all the voice said be true. Have dignity. For others look to destroy, using falseness for favour. Raising complex lies with their vast empty confusion. It has a pungency. Clings to dishonour. The acrid smell of low worth. And above it all the voice said be ready. Be free. For it is in stillness you will know the faith in your heart and it shall fill with a nurtured hope. Your journey gifts you the awareness and dignity to know your goodness.

A repost from July 2014

While I know so little and have seen only tiny glimmering parts of my world, it bewilders me to stand beside those that think they know so much but have moved nowhere. Those that are yet but fetal stand so proud. Those that have infinite energy but no direction. Those that create much noise but have so little to say. Many are we that know we know nothing but numbers larger are those that do not.

Photo: Warminster, 2014