easy peasy lemon squeezy

“Finding someone is easy. Finding THE ONE isn’t. Here’s how to tell if what you’re feeling is true love”.

Good Men Project: If your partner doesn’t do these 11 things… http://goo.gl/CeRqfX

Seriously? I do wish that these ‘do gooding’ sites, that specialise in creating copy that is neither of substance nor validated with any real psychology or research, would stop propagating the theory that we only have a ‘one’. That this is what we should be desperately looking for. And never mind the pap content in particular, of this article. Have you seen the volume of readership numbers and ‘followers’ of this media-savvy entity? Yeesh.

While I adore the idea that we may be truly privileged to find someone with whom we share our whole life, the chances of that are too rare to be considered our cultural norm. Why continue to perpetuate this myth?

*goes off on tangent in head, wondering at the history of this seemingly misogynist-led, religion-promoted diatribe*

Meeting people that complement, fit, inspire, astound, and are right for me at any point during my life is what makes the search for love and a partner so much more valuable, and an adventure. It makes the possibilities beautiful and random. It also acknowledges that there is work to be done in relationships to give them the longevity they deserve. That we know there are others out there that may be right, or right now, but we respect the commitment and love we have with our person.

I have had the blessing of good loves and big loves. The sweet gift of second chances. Life is not about The One. It is about finding your chosen one.


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