A chance perhaps to seal the deal
To claim a vast empire
For I have sought a man that could
Set my world on fire.

And so a kiss upon his cheek
Warm and then must whither
Memory of a first night’s glance
And eyes that teased come hither.


sugar cubes

Every day I sacrifice being right for kindness. Every day I select my battles. I choose not to use my wit and wisdom to ruin dreams. It is neither my place nor my role. Knowing, should I wish, I have the power to obliterate those less than my equal, stays my tongue. Understanding my pen could slice with little effort. For I am not here to wound for the brief thrill under guise of honesty. I am not here to throw spite at innocents. Or beam light at ignorants. It isn’t my journey. I am the stronger person for it, the happier soul. For not destroying others is by far the worthier path.