sucking on a lemon

I’ve just re-read my last post. 

Annoyed at myself. Who I am to judge? To suggest their behaviour is wrong, detached, unfair, or not appropriate. It’s their journey. They are on their own path. It’s not my place to suggest they take a note of their actions, but merely to ensure that mine are always harmless. 

It is none of my business what others believe, how they behave, or what they need to learn. 

What I need to mind is my own journey, the authenticity with which I move through my life, and that I respectfully engage with all those in my world. 

How can I preach a request to seek true self in a mirror when I have the arrogance to think that my perception is more informed than another’s. 

I’m letting this go. Will flow where it takes me. It is not my place to judge them. And I do not need to defend myself. It is only my responsibility to be the best person I can be and uphold the moral compass with which I steer my life. 

I am sick of my own inner monologue tonight. 


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