lemon scented

Watching a situation very carefully at the moment. Keeping quiet and hoping that it will move into a reasonable and rational state quickly. Currently it feels full of anger and mis-aimed indignation.

I find it sad to observe; whilst people may be exclaiming that they just want to calm the waters, make amends and rectify a misunderstanding, their very behaviour only fuels more distrust, anxiety and distress.

If you firmly believe that your approach is beyond reproach, is it not prudent to ensure that it continues to be so? Perhaps take a pause. Think about what is motivating you. Are you really all about protecting the person caught in your emotional cross-fire? Or is it a subconscious manifestation of your own need to explain, blame, and project? By causing another’s discomfort because of your own drive to justify and denounce the participating parties, you are not only escalating an issue of great sensitivity but also creating more long-term scarring. Take a step back. Hold your tongue, and your breath. Leave others to find their equilibrium, their own strength first. For if it is in any way about another person’s safeguarding, you are certainly not going about it in the right way.


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