“I always think that ‘nice’ is what you have left once you fail at everything else”.

“You’re obviously a great success”.

– Vida to Margaret, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.



Lots of lovely things to come
To get me through this season
And if they don’t all quite work out
There’s drink to numb all reason.

riff on ALS ice bucket challenge

This is not my whole view and is certainly not a comprehensive discussion about the subject. I could in fact debate this kind of marketing and the wider nuances of marketing strategies for charities at length but I dont have time to intellectualise this afternoon. This is however captured from a chat on my facebook page today after I posted a comment on twitter:

“Again with the narcissistic, attention seeking, ‘charity’ fundraising viral. Wow. Ice. From a bucket. Aren’t y’all amazing. Just give, FFS”

Let me explain. Twitter is the teeny tiny slice of a slim moment of commentary. And is not often given the opportunity to be fleshed out much further than a few more follow-up statements. A narrow reflection of a person’s perspective.  But you get what I am trying to say. So let the angry masses destroy me henceforth. Let the village leaders drag me out and burn me at the stake for daring an uncommon view. Actually, it wasn’t quite that bad, but I do sense that like many viral media driven ‘movements’ if you speak against them not only does your village try to dunk you, but the whole damn global village may too. 

Oh. It’s just a bit of fun Jo Jo! X
Some people need that extra push, simple minds….bit of entertainment in exchange for donation.. xx

Me: Yeah, I hear ya. I seem to recall we have had this yabber before! Hahaa… I know, in most cases it is both authentic caring and money is actually donated however after a period of time, it takes on a completely different vibe and motivation. Now everywhere I look it has become a self-interest promotion gimmick. And thats when it makes me pissy. xX

Chill out you old spinster!

Me: Bahaha! *watches people with pitchforks line up outside her house* x

Me: I understand that these causes are important, that the money is useful, but its the longer-term giving behaviour that I want to see from people. The life choice to be a conscious citizen all the time, not just for the cameras. It is also about raising awareness, I know. But the message just seems to get blurred too easily. 

I know but that’s just society today isn’t it? Everything is about the fame, the money, the acceptance..?

I have to say I still have no clue what ALS is but lots of people are doing this ice thing…is this a fail on my part or the idea?

Me: You’re right… I had to google as funnily enough none of the vids had the full title – suspect half of ’em don’t know what it is either. It stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is actually a US based charity. However now Motor Neuron and MacMillan are trying to get a slice of the cool money here in UK. Not that you’d know because the ‘ALS’ brand is all over it. Very confused marketing message. Great viral momentum but very confused.

Yes, the words were …do the ice thing OR donate! This might have been worked on since but it is confusing.

Hell, I don’t habitually donate to any human charities. I often feel like we are all in a man-eat-man kind of environment and the cynic in me is like, meh. Let it fall down around our ears, of our own volition. I give time, and kindness, and sandwiches, and help with research and awareness… in my own small way.  In my career am involved in the wonders of medicine and the greed of pharmacos. 

When I was about 12 I decided to join Beauty Without Cruelty. And World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). I figured in my child’s mind that we were guardians of the planet, of our environment, of the animals. And have endeavoured to live by this since. For the destruction of habitat, the pain and suffering we cause, the genetic monstrosities we have created, are our responsibility. 

Sometimes I think mankind is the most evil of creatures in our world.
He is certainly the most narcissistic. 


sucking on a lemon

I’ve just re-read my last post. 

Annoyed at myself. Who I am to judge? To suggest their behaviour is wrong, detached, unfair, or not appropriate. It’s their journey. They are on their own path. It’s not my place to suggest they take a note of their actions, but merely to ensure that mine are always harmless. 

It is none of my business what others believe, how they behave, or what they need to learn. 

What I need to mind is my own journey, the authenticity with which I move through my life, and that I respectfully engage with all those in my world. 

How can I preach a request to seek true self in a mirror when I have the arrogance to think that my perception is more informed than another’s. 

I’m letting this go. Will flow where it takes me. It is not my place to judge them. And I do not need to defend myself. It is only my responsibility to be the best person I can be and uphold the moral compass with which I steer my life. 

I am sick of my own inner monologue tonight.