sharp as lemon

Sometimes, do you ever catch yourself breathing in and it feels like someone else’s lungs filling? Like, for a moment in time, you’re slowly, consciously, drawing in the air that sustains another life. A life that feels familiar. It is strong and solid and full and satisfying. But it isn’t yours, and you know you are only momentarily living it. It happens to me occasionally. More often recently. A message. A brief window opening up to show me something. Acknowledge an alternative, a parallel path. It’s never quite long enough to gasp, or adjust my eyes to look out into the view beyond… but for a few moments I feel the strength, the solidity, the fullness… breathe in the calmness and wisdom a good and satisfying life gifts. And while I am stirring in my fibres with the knowledge of possibilities, I also pulse with a very sure understanding that the next breath will be one taken in a life being half lived.


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