lemon rind

When your values and attitude is questioned the trick is to understand their perspective and experiences, not retaliate in defence or be derisive. Life can be crappy and scars can be worn close to the heart or on someone’s shoulder. I like to think that I am a good person, with a realistic take on the world and a sensitive ear both for friend and foe, being supportive even when questioning motivation or outcome.

While I seek to always be comfortable and honest with my own moral compass, I am happy to be me. I endeavour to continually work through what life throws at me in an active and embracing way, owning it and the consequences, not as an alien influence but as a very important and valuable part of myself.

Sad that I may cause another’s discomfort, I will not apologise for trying to sensitively challenge inertia or wishing to inspire positive movement or growth. But then, as I said, it is all about perspective; one person’s view of reconnection with self-respect may be another’s embodiment of a shallow belief system and ill-balanced priorities.

*shrugs shoulders*


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