pips and all

It was suggested recently that I have a couple of insecurities. Who doesn’t, right? But as a self-aware and self-seeker, I have been pondering this supposed insight. But particularly…

If I do not like something physical about myself and honestly acknowledge it whilst not belittling myself or hating my whole due to this one part, and hope that I may be able to change it… all the while confidently not liking it, this is not an insecurity.

If along with the disliking, there is healthy understanding and management, then this is still simply a dislike. If it is a new dislike or a response to certain change, then it will always take time to accept and own, to absorb it into the being ‘me’. This is not insecure behaviour (fearful, anxious, doubtful) either. There is some kind of nuance here, may be in the external perception? If another person does not see the thing that I believe is flawed, or indeed disagrees with my opinion about this part of myself, then to them my feelings wld seem an extreme response, an insecurity.

Anyhoo. This is only a half-thought. I’m still pondering. And still really not liking my knee-muffins.

Tee hee.


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